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The Program

For more than 90 years, our firm has focused on both insurance defence and personal injury litigation. For this reason, articling students at Will Davidson LLP are provided with an invaluable opportunity to learn the litigation process from the perspective of both a plaintiff and a defendant. Whether working on complex cases for a large insurance company or focusing in on a case for an individual, the practical experience gained by our students better prepares them for a career in litigation. Our students work closely with all of our lawyers on an equal amount of defence and plaintiff matters. Our students are given a great deal of responsibility and independence throughout the term, all while being supervised and mentored by our experienced counsel.

While articling at Will Davidson LLP, articling students will complete a very wide range of tasks and assignments, but of note, they will be asked to

  • conduct legal research
  • prepare legal documents and argument
  • prepare for and attend at motions
  • prepare for and assist with trials
  • maintain carriage of Small Claims Court matters
  • conduct Small Claims Court trials independently
  • attend at examinations for discovery and mediations

Our students make important contributions and we welcome their energy and enthusiasm.


At Will Davidson LLP, we hire two articling students each year. One student will work exclusively in the Toronto office and one student will work exclusively in the Oakville office. We do not offer a rotation between the Toronto and Oakville offices. If a candidate has a preference between the Toronto and Oakville positions, the candidate should indicate their preferred office on their application.

We typically interview 35 to 40 candidates for the two positions during the prescribed interview weeks.

While academic success is considered when selecting candidates, Will Davidson LLP does not rely on academic performance alone and prides itself on taking a more holistic approach to selecting candidates which includes a review of work experience, life experience and individual interests.

We offer a very competitive compensation package to our students which includes a salary, group benefits, contribution towards a gym membership and payment of bar admission fees and tuition.




Every summer and holiday season, the entire firm gets together to enjoy each other’s company out of the office. This summer featured a fun-filled afternoon of bowling at Toronto’s Ballroom.


Students are encouraged to attend social/networking during their time at Will Davidson LLP. These events are an excellent opportunity to become better acquainted with our lawyers, as well as making connections in the Toronto/Ontario legal community.



Walter Yoo, University of Windsor Christian Genova, University of Windsor


Check our testimonials from our former students below.


Will Davidson complies with the City of Toronto recruitment process established by The Law Society of Ontario.  All candidates must also comply with the recruitment rules.

We are currently accepting applications for the 2020/2021 articling term.

Key dates and information for the 2020/2021 Articling Student Interviews:

Application Deadline: 

Application Package:

Call Day:

Interview Week:


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Articling Committee at   


Gurpal Sandhu articled 2017-2018

“Articling at Will Davidson LLP was an exceptional experience. The firm gave me a high level of responsibility that enabled me to make meaningful contributions from day one. I regularly attended court, maintained carriage of numerous Small Claims Court matters, was asked to prepare for and act as second-char on four different matters going to trial, and was successful at a contested motion that was reported on CanLII. Throughout all of these experiences, the lawyers and staff at Will Davidson LLP provided me with the foundational guidance necessary to be successful as an Articling Student and young lawyer. I learned different litigation styles and techniques, the nuances involved in cultivating lasting client relationships, and the importance of developing my own unique approach to the law. This is not to mention the exposure the firm gave me to numerous practices areas within plaintiff personal injury and insurance defence litigation, the varied clientele I interacted with almost daily, the unique Continuing Legal Education events hosted by the firm, and the firm’s encouragement of my interests. In short, I attained everything I could have hoped for by Articling at Will Davidson LLP.”

Renee Pugh articled 2017-2018

“I really enjoyed my articling term at Will Davidson LLP. I was afforded opportunities on both the plaintiff and defence side. I gained experience attending motions, settlement conferences, mediations, and examinations. I had the opportunity to carry small claims files independently and a highlight was succeeding at trial. I can’t imagine a more challenging and fulfilling articling experience. I highly recommend Will Davidson LLP for articling students who want to gain a strong foundation in civil litigation from top lawyers in the industry.”

Samantha Shatz articled 2015-2016

Articling at Will Davidson LLP was an unforgettable experience. I enjoyed coming to work and I am grateful for the people at Will Davidson who made my articles so memorable. I felt I was part of the team from day one. Articling with Will Davidson provided me with first class litigation experience and with a variety of opportunities to prepare me for my first year as an Associate. Highlights of my articles include assisting in a two week jury trial, attending court on a weekly basis, and shadowing on mediations, discoveries and pre trials. I also ran a Small Claims Court trial and assisted with a Supreme Court of Canada leave application. Gaining exposure to both Plaintiff and Defence practices allowed for an invaluable experience. Most important, I was given the comfort to ask questions and seek advice from all members of the firm whenever I needed to.

Valerie Lord articled 2015-2016

From day one, my articling experience at Will Davidson was both challenging and fulfilling. The amount of hands on court experience I was exposed to was invaluable to my training. I attended motions on a weekly basis and handled several Small Claim Trials. The lawyers and the entire Will Davidson team were always approachable, and they consistently made time to ensure my success on assignments. The split between Plaintiff work and Defence is truly unique, and allowed me to gain a comprehensive understanding of each file I was working on, whether it was for a institutional client or otherwise. I have come out of my articles with a tremendous amount of knowledge and confidence in my capabilities thanks to the time and support Will Davidson provided me.

Elisabeth van Rensburg articled 2014-2015

“I can’t imagine a better articling experience than the one I had at Will Davidson LLP. The firm’s dual-sided practice allowed me to explore my interests in both personal injury and insurance defence practices. I was given as much responsibility as I could demonstrate I was capable of taking on. I was given work that was important and involved in the management of files. I was encouraged to work with all lawyers in the firm. I attended court at least once per week, carried my own Small Claims Court files and conducted interesting legal research. Will Davidson LLP also encourages articling students to attend professional development and CLE events. I attended events put on by the Canadian Bar Association, Ontario Trial Lawyers’ Association and Canadian Defence Lawyers. These events were a great opportunity to develop my legal knowledge and network with others in the industry. I came out of articling at Will Davidson LLP feeling like I had received the training necessary to be an excellent lawyer. I am excited to have returned to such a fantastic firm as an Associate on the plaintiff side of the practice.”

Michaela Diakiw articled 2012-2013

“Articling at Will Davidson LLP is unique to all other articling programs. The firm offers a true split between plaintiff and defence work that you simply cannot find anywhere else. Students are given work from both practices, and are expected to provide the same level of quality work to both sides. I was given far more responsibility than I would at most firms. On the very first day, I was sent to motions court, given carriage of Small Claims matters and provided with a variety of research projects. Over the next month, I prepared to sit second chair on a multimillion dollar arbitration proceeding. At Will Davidson LLP, I was given the opportunity to argue contested motions, attend all available proceedings and was taught to draft legal opinions for institutional clients. The articling program at Will Davidson LLP provides a quality foundation for future lawyers that is hard to rival.”

Meghan Walker articled 2011-2012

“While articling with Will Davidson LLP, I was given diverse and hands-on assignments which helped me develop my oral and written advocacy skills. As an articling student, I was given guidance and support by all lawyers of the firm, and I was provided with countless opportunities to make meaningful contributions to client files. During my articling term, I assisted with and attended at trial, attended various motions and other court appearances, drafted litigation materials, attended mediations, conducted my own Small Claims Court trial, met with and interviewed clients and conducted complex legal research. From early on, it was evident to me that Will Davidson LLP has worked hard to put together an articling term that puts a strong emphasis on professional development through practical hands-on experiences. Working closely with such talented and friendly lawyers was an extremely rewarding and invaluable experience.”

Scott Frew articled 2005-2006

“Over the course of my articles at Will Davidson LLP, I was presented with many challenging opportunities including working directly with clients, arguing complex motions in the Ontario Superior Court, and assisting with trials. These experiences allowed me to build a rapport with the clientele and develop skills as a litigator. In terms of a working environment, not only did the lawyers at Will Davidson LLP provide mentorship, they also created an environment where I felt comfortable approaching them with questions. My articling year was truly a memorable experience.”

Paul Cahill articled 2004-2005

“I articled at Will Davidson LLP in 2004-2005. During this time I had the opportunity to work on a number of trials with senior counsel, including a lengthy and complicated medical malpractice action. I didn’t know it at the time, but this exposure to this area of the law guided my career to focus on medical malpractice matters. Will Davidson LLP offers the necessary learning environment and experience for articling students to develop strong litigation skills. I would highly recommend articling at Will Davidson LLP.”

Jim Davidson articled 1993

“I started as a summer student and then joined the firm as an articling student the following year. I have been here ever since. For me, it was the people at Will Davidson that made all the difference. I was guided and mentored at every stage of my career. During my articles, I was treated with respect and given interesting assignments that paved the way for future success. I now do whatever I can to ensure that new articling students have the same positive experience that I had.”

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