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Benefits of Co-Counsel Agreements in Personal Injury Cases

  • June 15, 2016
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Let’s face it; there are some real tough cases out there. Difficult cases can offer a very large upside, assuming you win on a vigorously contested issue, whether it be liability or damages, or both. Plaintiff personal injury lawyers often tackle challenging cases, take risks, and work hard to get excellent results for their clients. In some cases, however, you should consider a co-counsel agreement with an experienced law firm in order to share the workload, minimize risk and maximize your clients’ success.

Benefits of entering into a co-counsel arrangement:

  • Shared Resources: Working with another lawyer and law firm will give you access to more resources to prosecute your claim. A law firm, such as Will Davidson LLP, has significant administrative and technological resources that can give your claim the attention it deserves.
  • Shared Risk: The fact is that if a case looks like it’s going to Court, there is a possibility of losing. However, the mere possibility of losing, by itself, is not a good reason to avoid a contested hearing so long as you have supportive and compelling evidence in your favour. Nevertheless, it never hurts to share risk with another firm should the outcome prove unfavourable.
  • Gain Trial Experience: Maybe it’s been a few years since you last had a trial, or maybe all your cases have always settled and the opportunity to try a case just never came up. Whatever the reason, co-counseling arrangements are an excellent way to get into Court with another more experienced lawyer to gain valuable trial experience for the next one.
  • Learn New Practice Areas: Ever wanted to do a products liability claim, or a take on a medical malpractice matter, but passed it off because you weren’t comfortable to practice in this area? When you co-counsel, you will be involved from beginning to end, which will give you hands-on experience to prosecute some of the more challenging aspects of certain types of personal injury claims.

Co-counsel Agreements can be done on a variety of practice areas

You can enter into a co-counsel agreement on any type of case, whether it be medical malpractice, products liability, pharmaceutical claims, motor vehicle accidents including accident benefits, long-term disability claims, occupiers’ liability, or municipal liability.

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