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Class Action Defense Lawyers

  • February 9, 2011
  • by admin

Few firms our size can boast of such extensive class action experience as WILL DAVIDSON.  When the Class Proceedings Act was enacted in Ontario in the early 1990’s one of the first major decisions involving this emerging area of law was argued by lawyers from WILL DAVIDSON.  In  Sutherland vs. The Canadian Red Cross Society  17 O.R. (3rd)  645 (S.C.) Peter Boeckle and his team successfully defeated the certification of a proposed class action against the Red Cross Society by thousands of people claiming to be injured through the Canadian blood system.

Over the next decade and a half our lawyers have acted on behalf of both plaintiff’s and defendants in some of the most high profile class proceedings in the country in such diverse areas as drugs and product liability, airplane disasters, outbreaks of infectious diseases and environmental contamination.

Our defence team have been highly successful at obtaining satisfactory results for our institutional clients when menaced with the spectre of a class proceeding.

Not only are our lawyers results driven, we never lose site of the fact that without careful guidance the legal costs of these complex proceedings can spiral out of control.  That’s why we always carefully consider the impact of our defence on our client’s bottom line with an eye towards the true needs and desire of the institution we are representing.

For further information of our class proceedings services contact Chris Morrison,or Gary R. Will.

Every case is to be determined on its own merits and past performance is in no way indicative of the potential resolution of any other matter.

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