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Environmental Lawyers Toronto

  • February 8, 2011
  • by admin

The impact of environmental contamination can affect you and your family’s health, your business and even your home.  Apart from the health effects of toxic chemicals, unremediated contamination of your property can seriously damage the value of your real estate and even make you liable to the government to clean up someone else’s spill.

If someone has polluted your property, the Lawyers at WILL DAVIDSON can help.  For over three decades our legal team has been dealing with all manner of environmental claims against negligent polluters. We have dealt with such diverse pollutants as Oil and Gas spills, PCB contamination, virulent chemicals and toxic mould.

Additionally, our lawyers have dealt with Insurance companies in this complicated and ever evolving area of the law and can proficiently assist you to determine if your property is covered by your insurance policy.

If you think you may have an issue with environmental contamination please contact Gary R. Will.

Every case is to be determined on its own merits and past performance is in no way indicative of the potential resolution of any other matter.

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