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Has Someone Polluted or Contaminated Your Property? An Environmental Lawyer Can Help

  • April 24, 2014
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oil spillIf you are a property owner, then making sure that your property is clean, safe and free of any contamination should be an important priority. But what if there are people who decide to pollute, dump garbage or spill toxic chemicals and hazardous materials on your property? Would you know how to handle it?

If you believe your property has been contaminated, it not only seriously reduces the value of your land, but you may also be held liable to remediate the land by the government – even if you were not responsible for the contamination. Here are some of the various environmental claims that you can opt for when your property has been contaminated and how an environmental lawyer at Will Davidson LLP can help.

Environmental issues on personal property

Private property owners can still experience environmental concerns brought about by other individuals. Some of these issues may include:

  • Garbage dumping.
  • Soil and land contamination.
  • Air pollution.
  • Nuisance based on the unreasonable interference or loss of use and enjoyment.
  • Trespassing or the physical invasion or contamination of a property.
  • Release of toxic chemicals or hazardous waste.
  • Or other forms of pollution that can bring harm not just to the property but the people living inside it as well.

There are some instances in which garbage or toxic materials that are not directly dumped onto your property can have effects on your health and your property. In this case, you may still be entitled to file a claim. For instance, a factory nearby could emit hazardous wastes that left a family member with respiratory ailments. You can still make the company liable for this as long as you prove it accordingly with the assistance of an environmental lawyer.

What kind of actions can be considered as an environmental claim?

If your personal property was affected by the discharge of toxic materials, you can file an environmental claim against the company not just to force a cleanup but also to recover from any damages to the property, bodily harm or any injury caused by the contamination.

How an Environmental Lawyer can help

An environmental lawyer is a type of lawyer whose expertise relates to Environmental Law. He or she can help you with your environmental claims and helps assess how much damage was done in order for you to get compensation from the party responsible or your insurance company, if you have the appropriate coverage. Your environmental lawyer, will negotiate on your behalf and represent you in court in case you and other party are not able to come up with an amicable settlement.

If someone has polluted your property and you think you may have an environmental contamination problem, please contact WILL DAVIDSON today.

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