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How Plaintiff Claims Can Benefit From Technical Experts

  • May 8, 2014
  • by admin
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When advancing a plaintiff’s claim, it can be difficult for you to prove your case; this goes for both the plaintiff and defendant. A technical expert in an industry related to your claim is a valuable asset in advancing your injury claim. These individuals can serve as an expert witness and help strengthen your arguments. Here are some ways a technical expert can help advance your slip and fall claim:

Expert witnesses add credibility

A jury may question a “fact” when it comes out of your mouth or that of a causal witness, but when a technical expert takes the stand, the judge and jury will lend their ears with more reverence. This means that anything that the expert says is more likely to be accepted as truth by a normally skeptical audience.

Expert witnesses have experience with similar cases

There is nothing more frustrating than putting a witness on the stand who knows all of the facts (to your benefit), only to have their credibility pounded to rubble by a clever opposing lawyer. As experienced professionals in their industry, most expert witnesses have experience in dealing with cases such as these, making it more difficult for opposing counsel to refute their claims.

Expert witnesses add valuable technical details to bolster your slip and fall case

A good expert witness will not only sound good on the stand, he or she will also add bits of important information that can further boost your case. For instance, if there is a regulation that is little known by those outside of their profession, he or she can mention it in an effort to show how someone was (or was not) to blame for a slip and fall claim for example.

To learn more about how to find an expert witness to support your case, contact Will Davidson. We are connected to a massive network of design, engineering and maintenance experts who can make your case.

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