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Help your kids stay active and safe this winter

  • February 14, 2017
  • by Will Davidson LLP
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Every winter, Canadians are faced with two options: fall into semi-hibernation, or get out there and enjoy a litany of seasonal recreations! For parents of young children, getting your kids out into the fresh air is imperative, so we’ve provided some tips to ensure they enjoy their winters in a safe and healthy way. And, should your child get injured despite these safety tips, you can always contact the personal injury lawyers at Will Davidson LLP for help.

Tobogganing and Sledding

Tobogganing is a rite of passage for kids in Canada. Regardless of where you grew up, from rugged northern Ontario to downtown Toronto, chances are you have memories of long, exhausted days trudging up and zipping down a nearby neighbourhood sledding hill. When your kids head out to create some memories of their own, ensure they’re well prepared: suit them up with a Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approved helmet that can absorb multiple impacts; know where they’re headed, and make sure it’s a safe distance from roads, fences, trees, and other dangerous obstacles; and collect them before night falls and sledding becomes exponentially more dangerous.

Don’t let kids below a certain age head out tobogganing on their own. Adult supervision – whether from you, a neighbor, a relative or a friend – will discourage overly-risky behaviour and provide immediate help in case of an emergency.


Off-road vehicles are extremely popular in rural regions of Ontario, and are a great way to experience the province’s expansive outdoors.

However, snowmobiles are not without risk, especially for kids, and personal injury lawyers in Ontario are quite accustomed to addressing snowmobiling injuries. Children under the age of six should never ride on snowmobiles, even with an adult, and children under 16 shouldn’t ride on their own. Make sure your kids take a formal safety training program and are aware of the basic safety procedures to follow before they get on a vehicle. Speed, intoxication, and ignoring posted trail rules are common causes of snowmobile accidents in Ontario, and all of these are magnified when a young person is operating the machine.
Most importantly, make sure your kids wear a proper snowmobiling helmet. They save countless lives each year.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Every winter, families from across Ontario wake up early, pack mounds of equipment into the car, and head for the closest ski hill. Skiing and snowboarding are pastimes enjoyed by Canadians of all ages, from toddlers to seniors, but they take time and effort to master. Make sure your children take lessons from a certified skiing or snowboarding instructor before they try to master the slopes, and stay nearby as they learn. Be sure to inspect their equipment before each outing to ensure it’s in good repair: a broken binding or faulty helmet can have devastating effects.

While most public ski hills are staffed by medical professionals and emergency responders, injuries from these sports are common. If a member of your family gets hurt while skiing or snowboarding, make sure to contact Will Davidson LLP’s team of personal injury lawyers right away to assess your options.

Skating and Hockey

While all the previously mentioned activities can lay claim to a place in our nation’s lore, there’s nothing more Canadian than hockey. Of course, that makes hockey and skating injuries a uniquely Canadian possibility as well.

Still, that shouldn’t stop you or your kids from enjoying one of the winter’s great offerings. Don’t push your kids too fast when they get out on the ice: they haven’t been doing this as long as you have. Suit them up with a CSA-certified helmet with a sturdy facemask, and keep a close eye on them as they learn.
It’s also a good idea for your kids to take their first strides on the ice at public indoor or outdoor rinks. These facilities have first aid equipment on hand, and can call for help in case of more serious injuries.

Regardless of how you and your kids choose to enjoy your Canadian winter, know that Will Davidson LLP’s personal injury lawyers are a call away if anything should go wrong. There is inherent risk of injury in any activity you pursue, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the weather and from spending quality time with your kids. With offices in several cities in Ontario, a personal injury lawyers at Will Davidson LLP can help you today. If you or someone you love is injured, contact Will Davidson LLP today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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