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If you or someone you know has suffered a serious personal injury, Will Davidson LLP is here to help you. We take great pride in truly understanding all sides of a lawsuit. Our flexibility and versatility offers a tremendous competitive advantage that translates into success.

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Choose an Oakville Personal Injury Lawyer to Represent Your Case

Whether you’re enjoying the day by Lake Ontario or travelling into the city for work, accidents can happen in an instant. If your injury has left you unable to carry on with your daily routine or seriously impacted your quality of life, it is important to seek legal assistance from a personal injury lawyer in Oakville.

If you’ve been injured in an accident at the fault of another person, the lawyers at Will Davidson LLP can assist you. We truly believe that no person should have to navigate the legal system on their own, especially in the face of injury. With over 90 years of experience, our personal injury lawyers in Oakville are well-equipped to represent you, speak with insurance companies, and build a case to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Accident and disability matters handled by the personal injury lawyers at our Oakville office include:

  • Personal injury and disability claims
  • Medical malpractice
  • Fire and property loss

We will work with you to develop both long-term and short-term goals, including an action plan for getting your life back on track. If you are no longer able to work as a result of your injuries, our Oakville personal injury lawyers can provide assistance in developing a plan to seek new training or to get assistance in the workplace.

Our lawyers in Oakville also have extensive experience representing patients who have experienced injury as a result of defective medical products. We leverage the advice of medical experts to research the products and the actions of those responsible for creating harm in order to pursue a fair and reasonable settlement on your behalf.

Call our team of insurance defence or personal injury lawyers. Oakville is a community we are proud to serve.

When you come to our firm for a free, no-obligation consultation, we will ask the details of your accident to better understand the injuries you are currently facing. Through this understanding, our lawyers will be better able to represent your case and pursue a fair settlement.

Request a no-obligation consultation on our website or call us at our Oakville law office to see if you have a case. The consultation is completely free, and one of our Oakville personal injury lawyers will give you the information you need to decide if you should proceed.

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