The spread of Covid-19 at Lundy Manor Retirement Residence was a needless tragedy that has now caused 18 deaths and 42 infections in a home of approximately 100 residents according to Gary Will of Will Davidson LLP.

Gary Will who is lead counsel on the case and is Managing Partner of Will Davidson confirmed that the claim was issued at the Court on May 5, 2020 naming the owners, Oxford Living LLC as Defendants in the claim.

According to Mr. Will:

“The owners of Lundy Manor failed to implement policies that were well known and obvious which would have prevented infection and saved lives.”

“The owner Oxford Living LLC failed to protect the group of vulnerable elderly residents of Lundy Manor. This neglect resulted in multiple infections and needless loss of life.”

“Some of the grieving families have lost both parents.  It is hard enough to lose one parent but to lose both parents within a short time is simply an unspeakable tragedy.”

“These residents should have been isolated and protected.  Instead they ate their meals in crowded dining rooms without physical distancing until the end of March.  They were playing cards and participated in a pub night on March 28, 2020.”

Premier Doug Ford made the following comments about the pub night at Lundy Manor:

“First thing out of my mouth was you gotta be kidding me…Most people are using common sense but folks, c’mon…You can’t have pub nights in a seniors’ building when we’re saying we need to put an iron ring around the seniors and long-term care.  It just can’t happen.”

The representative Plaintiff, Irene Bobyk whose mother, Rose Sembay passed away on April 9, 2020 described her mother as follows:

“She would give you the shirt off her back.  If there was someone in need my mother was the first one there, taking them food or clothing or whatever – just a very magnanimous person.”

Irene Bobyk also stated:

“We need answers to what happened at Lundy Manor.  Why did so many residents become infected and later died.  It is only when we have these answers that steps can be taken to ensure that this doesn’t ever happen again.”

Anyone that has information about this case or if you are a resident or a family member of a resident, you can contact Gary Will at gwill@willdavidson.ca or 905-815-5802 or contact Michael Reid at mreid@willdavidson.ca or 905-337-9748 for a free consultation.

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