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How to avoid parking lot accidents this holiday season

  • December 19, 2016
  • by Will Davidson LLP
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The holiday shopping season is a boon to Canadian businesses, but can be a time of mental and economic pressure for consumers. Nowhere is this contrast better illustrated than in the parking lots of the nation’s shopping malls, where pedestrians and drivers aggressively jostle for position in the rush to spend.

Ontario car accident lawyer

It’s no wonder, then, that parking lots – especially in the bad weather and long nights of December – can be a dangerous place: according to the United States’ National Safety Council, approximately 60,000 people are injured and 500 people die every year in American parking lots. If you have been injured in a parking lot, contact an Ontario car accident lawyer at Will Davidson LLP today.

With that in mind, how can drivers ensure everybody – pedestrians and motorists alike – avoids parking lot injuries this holiday season?

Avoid peak hours

If at all possible, avoid visiting the mall during peak after-work and weekend hours. For nine-to-five workers, these are the only feasible times to go holiday shopping. If retirees, people who work from home, or people who work non-standard hours make an effort to visit the mall on weekdays, parking lots will be less congested during peak hours.

Leave the car at home

Walking, cabbing, hailing a ride-sharing service or taking public transit to the mall can help ease parking lot congestion and reduce the possibility of serious injury. Fewer pedestrians and vehicles interacting in a confined space means a smaller chance that someone will be struck. Plus, you’ll be able to avoid the hassle of finding a spot!

Never take specialty spots

This should be a given, but during the holiday rush common courtesy sometimes falls by the wayside. If a parking spot is designated for people with disabilities, pregnant women, or parents of young children, find somewhere else to park. As any Ontario car accident lawyer can attest, vulnerable road users are already at increased risk of personal injury; forcing them to walk a further-than-necessary distance elevates that risk even further.

Be attentive

“It’s just as dangerous to be distracted in a parking lot going 5 kmph as it is going 50 kmph,” Deborah Hersman, president of the National Safety Council, told CBS News. “People have their heads down, they’re on their phones whether they’re behind the wheel or whether they are pedestrians. There’s just a lot of inattention out there.”

Parking lots’ much slower posted speed limits often lull drivers into a sense of complacency, which can result in serious injuries and calls to an Ontario car accident lawyer. According to a survey cited by CBS News, 66 per cent of respondents said they felt comfortable talking on the phone while driving in parking lots; 50 per cent said they would text, send emails, use social media, take pictures, or watch videos; and 42 per cent said they would video chat.

This level of inattention absolutely contributes to high rates of parking lot injuries. If texting while driving seems like a bad decision on the highway, it’s a bad decision in parking lots, too.

If you have been injured in a parking lot accident, contact Will Davidson LLP today to speak with an Ontario car accident lawyer. A serious personal injury can have grave consequences for your life and the life of your loved ones. But through an experienced injury lawyer, you may be able to access compensation to help your recovery.

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