Paul Cahill Joins Podcast: Inside Medical Malpractice

Will Davidson LLP Partner Paul Cahill recently joined Connect Legal Medical Experts President, Chris Rokosh, on the podcast: Inside Medical Malpractice. In the four-part episode, Paul takes us inside the courtroom for the highs and lows of the three medical malpractice trials that he has run in the past 12 months and also how he fell in love with becoming a plaintiff lawyer.

Part 1: Hacopian Estate v. Mahmoud

Paul discusses the delayed diagnosis of uterine cancer and a tragic death. Paul’s theory of this case was simple; when it comes to cancer, early diagnosis is better.

Part 2: O’Neill-Renouf v. Ibraham

Paul focuses on a rare complication which occurred during a seemingly minor surgical procedure; Tension-Free Vaginal Tape Surgery (TVT). Paul discusses the ‘backwards perspective’ required to prove that in spite of a medical record saying everything went perfectly right during surgery, the nature of the injury inferred that something went terribly wrong.

Part 3: Woods v. Jackiewicz

Paul retells the jury trial involving a 1991 pregnancy complicated by Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) and the tragic outcome of Cerebral Palsy. Paul discusses the signs and symptoms which medical experts say should have prompted further investigation and may have delayed the need for a stat C Section at 27 weeks gestation.

Part 4: About Paul Cahill, Plaintiff Lawyer

In the final part, the audience gets to know Paul Cahill on a more personal level. Learning about his articling experience at Will Davidson and how he came to become a plaintiff lawyer.

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