COVID-19 Update #3

The COVID-19 pandemic is the greatest challenge of our age, but there are reasons for optimism in Ontario. Modelling released by the province on April 20 suggested the first wave of the virus had ‘peaked’ earlier than expected, with cases and fatalities falling below projections. A week later, Premier Doug Ford introduced a framework for reopening the province.

These are positive steps, but in order for Ontario to establish a new normal, businesses and private citizens must follow government guidelines to arrest the spread of the virus. With that in mind, Will Davidson LLP is continuing to operate remotely. Our team of personal injury lawyers is continuing to work on existing cases and accepting new clients. If you have concerns about your claim, or if you or a member of your family has been injured, reach out today by phone or email. We will be happy to discuss your case.

More on the ‘Framework for Reopening our Province’

The province’s framework outlines the methods and principles it will use to reopen business, services, and public spaces. It includes three stages to be implemented as gradually as necessary.

In the first stage, the province will consider opening select workplaces that can meet public health guidelines, allowing essential gatherings of a small number of people, and opening some outdoor spaces.

In the second stage, the province will consider opening more workplaces with ‘significant mitigation plans,’ opening more public spaces, and allowing some larger public gatherings.

In the final stage, the province will consider opening all workplaces responsibly and relaxing public gathering restrictions. Throughout all stages, the province will continue to protect vulnerable populations.

There will be a two- to four-week waiting and observation period between each stage. The province will look for several indicators before proceeding, including: a consistent decrease in daily new cases; sufficient acute and critical care capacity; roughly 90 per cent of new COVID-19 cases being reached by public health officials within one day; and ongoing testing of suspected cases, especially within vulnerable populations.

The province has not announced when it will initiate this process.

“This is a roadmap, not a calendar. We won’t be rushed into anything,” Premier Ford said at a news conference on April 27. “If precautions are not taken, one person infected with this virus can spread it to hundreds of others. Progress doesn’t mean we can quit now and that’s why I won’t set hard dates until we’re ready, because the virus travels at its own speed.”

What is Will Davidson LLP Doing?

In addition to continuing work on existing claims and accepting new clients, the personal injury lawyers at Will Davidson LLP are investigating COVID-19 deaths at Lundy Manor Retirement Residence in Niagara Falls, Ontario. There have been at least 15 deaths due to COVID-19 at that facility, which appears to have failed to take necessary precautions or follow government guidelines. One employee described the facility as “a time bomb,” and said: “I could see there was a big problem with people sick, not isolating.”

If you are a resident or the family member of a resident of Lundy Manor, or if you have pertinent information about this matter, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

National and Local Update

As of May 5, there have been at least 60,772 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Canada, and at least 3,854 deaths. The Province of Quebec has endured the most serious outbreak, with more than 32,600 cases and 2,280 deaths. There have been at least 17,900 cases and 1,300 deaths in Ontario.

Provinces with less severe outbreaks are considering easing coronavirus restrictions. Prince Edward Island, which has had fewer than 30 cases, is expected to begin lifting measures this month. In New Brunswick, which has recorded no new cases since mid-April, parks, beaches, and golf courses are open. Even British Columbia, an early virus hotbed, is “getting close to the point where we can open up,” said provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry last week.

Stay Home, Stay Safe

Although glimmers of hope have emerged in Canada, a successful recovery depends on the continued vigilance of everyone in our community. With that in mind, Will Davidson LLP is encouraging you to work from home if possible, limit trips outside the house, practice physical distancing at all times, and continue washing your hands regularly.

Our team remains online and accessible via email or phone. If you have been injured, contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. We have technology in place to enable seamless communication with new and existing clients, and can proceed with your consultation at your earliest convenience.

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