Ottawa Woman Launches Large Personal Injury Claim

In January 2019, a double-decker OC Transpo bus collided with the Westboro Transit Station in Ottawa’s west end. Three people were killed in the accident and many more were injured, including Marcelle Stevens, who in May launched a $19-million lawsuit against the city, the transit service, and the bus driver. Personal injury lawyers across Ontario will keep an eye on the case as it progresses.

The statement of claim shows a life fundamentally disrupted by the accident. It alleges that Stevens suffered “severe, permanent and catastrophic injuries” in the crash, most notably above-the-knee amputations of both legs. She also suffered head, neck, shoulder, and spine injuries and now suffers from numerous physical and mental effects, including chronic pain, loss of mobility, nightmares, difficulty sleeping, fatigue, anxiety, and depression, according to the Ottawa Citizen.

The statement alleges that Stevens will require further surgeries and continuing treatment, that she has experienced a loss of enjoyment of life, loss of income, and permanently diminished earning capacity. It also notes that her sons have and will continue to experience a loss of care, guidance, and companionship.

“Marcelle is unable to participate in those recreational, social, employment, athletic and household activities to the extent to which she participated in such activities prior to the collision,” the statement of claim reads.

Stevens’ husband, Christopher, and two sons, Riley and Adam, are also named as plaintiffs in the suit, which seeks $15-million in damages for Stevens, $2-million in damages for her husband and children, and $2-million in punitive and aggravated damages.

Regarding the defendants, the statement of claim alleges that the city “permitted an incompetent and/or inexperienced driver or a driver whose faculties of observation, perception, judgement and self-control were impaired to operate the bus.”

While the size of the claim is unusual by Canadian standards, most personal injury lawyers will agree that it accurately mirrors the injuries suffered by Marcelle Stevens and her family. Not only will Stevens face tremendous physical and emotional challenges during her recovery, but her ongoing treatment and care will require significant financial output.

“On top of worrying about how much my own life has been changed forever, I am also worried about the overwhelming expenses of trying to live a normal life after such an injury,” Stevens said in a statement, according to the Citizen.

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Image credit: Ottbike/Wikimedia Commons

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