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  • February 8, 2011
  • by admin

Every year, thousands of people in Canada suffer the sometimes fatal impact of an adverse drug reaction.  Pharmaceuticals are usually directly ingested into your body and as a result there are few things in this world more hazardous than a dangerous drugs.  Drugs in Canada are intended to undergo a rigorous screening process as set down by Health Canada before they are allowed onto the market.  Where drug companies cut corners and do inadequate testing, falsify results, or fail to properly monitor adverse drug reactions, the results can cause serious health consequences for Canadians.

At WILL DAVIDSON we have been at the forefront of litigation involving drugs and medical products.  We are familiar with the regulatory process that is in place and which is supposed to protect Canadians from unnecessarily hazardous drugs.  Our lawyers have pursued the rights of victims of hazardous drugs in such forums as class proceedings, litigation directly against large pharmaceutical firms and health Canada and before a coroner’s inquest.  Our struggle on behalf of our clients have even been chronicled in a CBC documentary and a non-fiction account of one of our cases by Terrence Young MP: Death by Prescription.

If you or a love one has been injured by a dangerous drug or medical device contact Gary R. Will.

Every case is to be determined on its own merits and past performance is in no way indicative of the potential resolution of any other matter.

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