Erin Meadows Class Action

Erin Meadows Class Action Lawsuit

Will Davidson LLP has initiated a class action lawsuit against The Village of Erin Meadows, a long-term care facility in Mississauga, Ontario. The facility is owned by Schlegel Villages Inc. 

The spread of Covid-19 at The Village of Erin Meadows was a needless tragedy which has now caused 21 deaths and over 90 infections of residents according to Gary Will of Will Davidson LLP.

View our Schlegel Villages Amended Statement of Claim here.

Information About the Representative Plaintiff

Rossana Carnevale is the representative plaintiff in the action.  Rossana lost her mother, Giuseppina  and had the following statements:

“My mother was a beautiful lady who cared for everyone in her family before caring for herself.  We entrusted her care to the owners of The Village of Erin Meadows, and their actions caused us to lose her way to soon.”

“My mom was the centre of my universe and the centre of our family. She was a devoted mother and grandmother who will be missed  beyond measure.”

“The Village of Erin Meadows could not even be straight with me on how my mother died.  One staff told me she was face down on the floor still breathing when she was found, another said she died peacefully in her wheelchair, and a third told me she died peacefully in her bed.”

“I consider it my duty to my mother to push for an investigation of this tragedy. Those that are responsible for this state of affairs must take responsibility and be held accountable.  That is the reason I decided to go forward with this action on behalf of all the residents of The Village of Erin Meadows.”

There are many well run long term care facilities in the province of Ontario.  In fact over half of the long term care facilities in Ontario have no deaths, according to Gary Will.  We at Will Davidson LLP salute those dedicated individuals and companies who are working so hard to keep these vulnerable residents safe and healthy in these difficult times.  At the other end of the spectrum there are a small handful of homes which have accounted for the majority of deaths in long term care facilities in Ontario.  Unfortunately, Schlegel Villages Inc. did not properly care for its vulnerable residents and this has resulted in dozens of grieving families.

Contact Will Davidson LLP to Learn More About our Erin Meadows Class Action Lawsuit

Anyone that has information about this case or is a resident or family member of a resident can contact Gary Will at (905-815-5802) or Michael Reid at (905-337-9748) for a free consultation.

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2 responses to “Erin Meadows Class Action”

  1. Keith Primeau says:

    My father was in the village of St. Clair not good care at all it’s a long story

  2. Sandra Tierney says:

    Not surprised at all. My father resides in memory care and I could email once a week minimally about the things that occur on that floor which are unacceptable as it pertains to safety and well being. Very disappointing to have loved ones here.

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