Orchard Villa class action

Orchard Villa Class Action Lawsuit

The spread of Covid-19 at Orchard Villa was a needless tragedy which has now caused 77 deaths and over 200 infections of residents according to Gary Will of Will Davidson LLP.

Gary Will, who is lead counsel on the case and is Managing Partner of Will Davidson LLP, confirmed that the claim was issued at the Court on May 25, 2020 naming the owners Southbridge Care Homes Inc. as defendants in the claim.

Orchard Villa was a family run facility up until 2015.  At that point it was sold to Southbridge Care Homes Inc. There was a notable decline in care after 2015 according to many residents and family members of residents from that time forward.

View our Orchard Villa Amended Statement of Claim here.

Information about the Representative Plaintiff

Sylvia Lyon is the representative plaintiff in the action.  Sylvia lost her mother, Ursula Drehlich.  She had the following statement:

“My mother Ursula was a good, decent individual who had overcome many obstacles in her life.  We entrusted her care to the owners of Orchard Villa.  In addition to the amounts many families paid to have their mothers and fathers looked after, Orchard Villa received over $11 million in funding each and every year from the Ontario government.  Yet each year the care provided was less and less. There needs to be accountability to the taxpayers of the province and to the families of residents who passed away over the last two months.”

“I consider it my duty to my mother to push for an investigation of this tragedy. Those that are responsible for this state of affairs must take responsibility and be held accountable.  That is the reason I decided to go forward with this action on behalf of all the residents of Orchard Villa.”

There are many well run long term care facilities in the province of Ontario.  In fact over half of the long term care facilities in Ontario have no deaths, according to Gary Will.  We at Will Davidson LLP salute those dedicated individuals and companies who are working so hard to keep these vulnerable residents safe and healthy in these difficult times.  At the other end of the spectrum there are a small handful of homes which have accounted for the majority of deaths in long term care facilities in Ontario.  There are two long term care facilities in Ontario with over 60 deaths.  Orchard Villa is the highest at 77 and Camilla Care Community in Mississauga is second highest at 60.  Will Davidson LLP continues to actively investigate the care which was provided to the residents of Camilla Care Community.

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Anyone that has information about this case or is a resident or family member of a resident can contact Gary Will at gwill@willdavidson.ca (905-815-5802) or Michael Reid at mreid@willdavidson.ca (905-337-9748) for a free consultation.

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