Wexford Residence Class Action

Wexford Residence Class Action

Our team at Will Davidson LLP representing the families impacted by the tragedy at The Wexford Residence Inc. is led by Gary Will, Managing Partner with the assistance of Gordon Marsden, Partner and Michael Reid, Senior Law Clerk. The Wexford Residence is a long-term care home located in Scarborough, Ontario.

View our Wexford Residence Statement of Claim here.

Information About the Representative Plaintiff

Cindy Samulski is the representative plaintiff in the action.  Cindy lost her mother, Dorothy Ramsden (pictured below) due to Covid-19 on January 4, 2021 at the age of 99 years old.

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Cindy had the following statements about her mother:

“My mother was a sweet, happy, smiley, gentle lady who loved to sing and who never asked for anything or complained.  She loved to laugh and to tell stories and reminisce about her work as a banquet waitress at the Holiday Inn.  She was the life of the party and was loved by everyone who met her.  She was kind and generous and her family was her whole world.  She was smart and could remember names of people from years ago.

“The management in her nursing home said she had dementia.  I beg to differ.  Her mind was ‘all there’.  My mother was my life and I will forever miss her.  She certainly did not deserve to die the way she did.  I will forever regret her being in this home.”

There are many well run long term care facilities in the province of Ontario.  In fact over half of the long term care facilities in Ontario have no deaths, according to Gary Will.  We at Will Davidson LLP salute those dedicated individuals and companies who are working so hard to keep these vulnerable residents safe and healthy in these difficult times.  At the other end of the spectrum there are a small handful of homes which have accounted for the majority of deaths in long term care facilities in Ontario.  Unfortunately, The Wexford Residence did not properly care for its vulnerable residents.

Contact Will Davidson LLP to Learn More About our Wexford Residence Class Action

Anyone that has information about this case or is a resident or family member of a resident can contact Gary Will at gwill@willdavidson.ca (905-815-5802) or Michael Reid at mreid@willdavidson.ca (905-337-9748) for a free consultation.

Will Davidson LLP’s class action lawyers work on a contingency basis, meaning you will not be charged hourly or upfront legal fees for our services. Instead, our lawyers will accept a percentage of the final settlement as payment. This payment structure allows us to offer access to justice to all Ontarians, regardless of their economic situation. Reach out today to learn more.

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