Estate & Commercial Litigation

Commercial Contractual Disputes

Whether a contract is completed in accordance with its original terms determines if there has been a breach of contract. These are the legal considerations at play in a contract dispute litigation. It could be as simple as a single-page agreement between two people, or as large as commercial relations between multinational corporations. We have the expertise to advise and represent both individuals and businesses on contract formation, litigation and arbitration in the event of breach.

Construction Lien

When a professional tradesperson has improved a property and not been paid, a construction lien protects their right to compensation. The owner of a property with liens against it is likewise prevented from selling it. In these situations, we offer skilled and timely guidance, both in helping owners safeguard against liens, and in helping vendors secure payment for completed work via liens. A claimants ability to recover losses are restricted by time limits- so be sure to contact us as soon as possible.

Reviewing Docs

Estate Litigation Lawyers

We are often called upon to assist with various issues before and after the death of a loved one. We step in when relationships break down and litigation is either threatened or necessary. Our work may involve bringing an application for guardianship on behalf of a close friend or loved one who has become incapable of managing either their property or personal care. Or we may act on behalf of parties who have been granted a valid power of attorney, only to find another person has convinced the grantor to give them the power of attorney instead.

In terms of will challenges, we have acted in service of both those who support the will and those who challenge it. Dependent support claims are brought on behalf of those who were dependent on the deceased before death and discover they have not been adequately provided for in the will. We can even assist a dependent relief claim that arises in the case of the deceased not having a will.

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