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Accident Benefits Defence Claims

Ontario Statutory Accident Defence Scheme is one of the most technically challenging and dynamic areas in the field of insurance defence. For that reason, WILL DAVIDSON LLP, on a regular basis, scrutinizes legislation and new jurisprudence in this complicated area, to ensure our lawyers remain at the top of this field.

Our accident benefit group, led by Mike Nicolis, possesses the experience, skill, and knowledge to excel in this highly specialized area with a result oriented approach to all of their files. The accident benefit group leads the field in this highly specialized area.

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Class Action Defence Cases

WILL DAVIDSON LLP was on the ground floor of class actions in Ontario.

Shortly after the enactment of the first class proceedings action in the early 1990s, WILL DAVIDSON LLP successfully defended against one of the first major class actions in Ontario history: Sutherland v. Canadian Red Cross Society 17 O.R. 645 (S.C.).

Over the two decades that followed, our lawyers have excelled in this field, taking on class proceedings in such diverse areas as drugs and products liability, airplane disasters, infections diseases, and environmental claims.

Faced with the significant challenges that class proceedings entail, our institutional clients have consistently turned to WILL DAVIDSON LLP for results oriented representation. Our focus in such proceedings is centered on obtaining the most beneficial and economic outcome for our clients and to avoid years of costly litigation.

Our lawyers have also acted on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants in some of the country’s most high-profile class proceedings, in such diverse areas as drugs and product liability, airplane disasters, outbreaks of infectious diseases, and environmental contamination.

Our defense team has been highly successful at obtaining satisfactory results for institutional clients menaced by the spectre of a class proceeding. Not only are our lawyers results-driven, we never lose sight of the fact that without careful guidance, the legal costs of these complex proceedings can spiral out of control. That’s why we carefully consider our defense’s impact on our client’s bottom line. For further information, please contact Chris Morrison or  Gary R. Will

Get an Opinion on your Coverage from our Insurance Lawyers in Toronto

Most civil lawsuits start and end with a policy of insurance.

The correct interpretation of that policy however, can be a complicated matter with potentially disastrous consequences if an error is made.

WILL DAVIDSON LLP has been providing insurance coverage services for over 90 years. Lead by Chris Morrison, our coverage group can provide decisive answers to the complex issues raised by coverages.

In this regard, WILL DAVIDSON LLP provides advice both within Canada and internationally to insurers who need the correct advice about the law of insurance in Canada. Our lawyers provide timely and accurate advice to our institutional clients on all matters of insurance coverage ranging from motor vehicle, commercial general liability, homeowners, errors and omission, professional liability, and builders’ risk policies on a daily basis.

In addition to the run-of-the-mill questions, we have also obtained expertise in advising clients on particularized claims ranging from large environmental losses in the chemical, oil, gas, and mining sectors to products liability in the drug and medical devices arena. Additionally, we have assisted major carriers in rewriting their policy wordings to better express their insuring intent.



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Fire & Property Loss Defence

Property damage can occur from every cause imaginable – from fires to leaking plumbing, to a heater that was left off due to human carelessness.

If a property has been damaged by fire, water, explosion, collision, electricity, chemicals, construction mishaps, rampaging livestock, or disgruntled employees; there is an excellent chance that the lawyers for WILL DAVIDSON LLP have litigated a similar case.

With an extensive expert referral network, and a client focused approach to every file, WILL DAVDSON LLP’s lawyers are well-suited to handle any catastrophe that is thrown at the insured.

Our experience in litigation claims involving damage to property goes back decades and is unparalleled. Peter Boeckle, a certified specialist in civil litigation who has practiced in this area in excess of 35 years, has successfully completed cases on behalf of clients involving every major form of property damage imaginable.
Working closely with a multitude of technical experts in the fields of science and engineering, WILL DAVIDSON LLP excels at large property losses.

In Horti-Pak Inc. v. Nikko Materials U.S.A. Inc. (Gould Electronics), 2009 CanLII 43188 (ON S.C.) Peter Boeckle and Chris Morrison successfully defeated a multi million dollar claim against an electrician alleged to have caused the destruction of a plastics factory. The trial lasted for three months and our client was completely exonerated.

Our lawyers have brought similar expertise to bear in an assortment of cases involving oil spills, house and building fires, and defective products litigation to successfully resolve these expensive cases through negotiation or trial.

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Motor Vehicle Accident Defence

WILL DAVIDSON LLP has been defending motor vehicle lawsuits for almost as long as there have been cars on Ontario’s roads. As an acknowledged leader in the field, our lawyers are in demand not only to litigate these cases, but to educate the defence bar and insurance companies of developments in the field. Regardless of whether an insurer’s desire is to deter frivolous claims or to approach each file from an economic perspective, WILL DAVIDSON LLP brings the appropriate expertise and resources to the table.

With our extensive contacts in the medical, accounting, investigating, and forensic engineering fields, we can ensure that the most appropriate defence to a claim is provided; ensuring the best possible results for our client.

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Occupiers Liability Defence

WILL DAVIDSON LLP has been defending occupier’s liability claims in respect of personal injuries from the firm’s inception over 90 years ago. With one of the most diverse personal injury practices in the province, WILL DAVIDSON LLP can draw a wealth of experience and information to ensure all aspects of the claim from liability to quantum of damages is expertly covered.

WILL DAVIDSON LLP lawyers not only manage these claims, but also regularly take them to trial, relying upon the most up-to-date technology and court room techniques, our lawyer are supremely well-placed to defend our clients’ interests.


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