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Most civil lawsuits start and end with a policy of insurance.

The correct interpretation of that policy however, can be a complicated matter with potentially disastrous consequences if an error is made.

Will Davidson LLP has been providing insurance coverage services for over 90 years. Lead by Chris Morrison, our coverage group can provide decisive answers to the complex issues raised by coverages.

In this regard, Will Davidson LLP provides insurance defence advice both within Canada and internationally to insurers who need the correct advice about the law of insurance in Canada. Our lawyers provide timely and accurate advice to our institutional clients on all matters of insurance coverage ranging from motor vehicle, commercial general liability, homeowners, errors and omission, professional liability, and builders’ risk policies on a daily basis.

In addition to the run-of-the-mill questions, we have also obtained expertise in advising clients on particularized claims ranging from large environmental losses in the chemical, oil, gas, and mining sectors to products liability in the drug and medical devices arena. Additionally, we have assisted major carriers in rewriting their policy wordings to better express their insuring intent.

For more details about our insurance coverage work, contact Chris Morrison.

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