Fire & Property Loss Defence

Fire & Property Loss Defence

Property damage can occur from every cause imaginable – from fires to leaking plumbing, to a heater that was left off due to human carelessness.

If a property has been damaged by fire, water, explosion, collision, electricity, chemicals, construction mishaps, rampaging livestock, or disgruntled employees; there is an excellent chance that the lawyers for Will Davidson LLP have litigated a similar case.

With an extensive expert referral network, and a client focused approach to every file, Will Davidson LLP’s insurance defence lawyers are well-suited to handle any catastrophe that is thrown at the insured.

Our experience in litigation claims involving damage to property goes back decades and is unparalleled. Peter Boeckle, a certified specialist in civil litigation who has practiced in this area in excess of 35 years, has successfully completed cases on behalf of clients involving every major form of property damage imaginable.
Working closely with a multitude of technical experts in the fields of science and engineering, Will Davidson LLP excels at large property losses.

In Horti-Pak Inc. v. Nikko Materials U.S.A. Inc. (Gould Electronics), 2009 CanLII 43188 (ON S.C.) Peter Boeckle and Chris Morrison successfully defeated a multi million dollar claim against an electrician alleged to have caused the destruction of a plastics factory. The trial lasted for three months and our client was completely exonerated.

Our lawyers have brought similar expertise to bear in an assortment of cases involving oil spills, house and building fires, and defective products litigation to successfully resolve these expensive cases through negotiation or trial.

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