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When an Ontario resident is injured in a car accident, they are entitled to accident benefits through their insurance policy. Yes, this even applies to at-fault drivers through “no-fault benefits” and drivers in single-vehicle accidents. Accident victims who have been injured through the fault of another party may also pursue a personal injurylawsuit for additional compensation.

What Are Accident Benefits?

Insurance providers are obligated to provide accident benefits, including no-fault benefits, to policy holders who have been injured in a car accident. These benefits are intended to compensate for lost wages and cover medical treatment, rehabilitation services, and attendant care. In certain cases, these benefits may be extended to cover additional expenses such as childcare, housekeeping, and home maintenance.

Accident benefits are payable by accident victims’ auto insurance providers, regardless of whether the victim was driving at the time of the accident. Passengers, pedestrians or cyclists who do not hold auto insurance may be required to file their claim under the policy of the vehicle owner or operator, or under the policy of the at-fault driver. A personal injury lawyer at Will Davidson LLP can help you understand the details of these procedures.

The importance of these benefits to accident victims cannot be understated. For individuals who have been injured in single-vehicle or no-fault accidents, statutory accident benefits provide critical financial relief during the long, often-costly recovery process. When a personal injury lawsuit is off the table, an experienced accident benefits lawyer can ensure that you receive fair and reasonable benefits from your insurance provider. Contact Will Davidson LLP today to learn how we can help.

When Should You Seek Assistance With Your Accident Benefits Claim?

You should seek assistance with your accident benefits claim as soon as possible after the accident. Accident benefits applications are anything but simple: they generally require that the applicant submit numerous detailed forms and complete several obligatory processes. Despite the complexity of the applications, they must be completed in an efficient fashion, as there are several time sensitive constraints that can affect your ability to successfully submit a claim.

Once your accident has been reported, an insurance adjuster will send you the initial forms to review with your lawyer. Our team advises that these forms be completed as quickly as possible following the accident in order to avoid omitting important details of your claim. An accident claim lawyer in Toronto or the surrounding area can help you file your application and receive the compensation to which you are entitled.

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If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident of any kind, contact Will Davidson LLP today to learn how our experienced team of personal injury lawyers can help. We have provided legal representation to accident victims across Ontario for decades. When you or someone you love is injured, Will Davidson LLP is here to help.

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Will Davidson LLP has represented seriously injured accident victims and insurance companies for more than 90 years. During that time, our experience on both sides of the legal playing field has helped us understand how life-changing a traumatic personal injury can be. When a person loses their ability to work or take care of their family, it can be difficult to recover hope. Through accident benefits or, in at-fault cases, compensation in a personal injury case, injury victims have a chance to regain control of their lives.

Healthcare, rehabilitation, home care and child care are all costly services. When a person loses their ability to earn an income, compensation and accident benefits are the only way to fund these essential pursuits. At Will Davidson LLP, our team of personal injury and benefits claims lawyers will ensure that clients have fair access to the compensation they deserve.

Will Davidson LLP believes that all Ontarians deserve access to justice. With head offices located in the heart of downtown Toronto and satellite offices in towns such as Bowmanville, Midland, Oakville, Huntsville, and Lindsay, Will Davidson LLP is prepared to represent accident victims across the province.

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