Commercial Contractual Disputes

Commercial Contractual Disputes

Simply put, commercial contractual disputes occur when a contract is not completed in accordance with its original terms. Our team at Will Davidson is experienced and able to determine if there has been a breach of contract; these are the legal considerations at play in a contract dispute litigation. It could be as simple as a single-page agreement between two people, or as large as commercial relations between multinational corporations. We have the expertise to advise and represent both individuals and businesses on contract formation, litigation, and arbitration in the event of a breach.

Will Davidson LLP’s commercial contractual disputes team is led by our Huntsville office’s Founding Partner David Morin, who has instilled a take-charge approach to handling contract disputes. Will Davidson LLP offers our clients a full array of contract review and drafting services – we advise on areas of contract disputes, such as:

  • Asset purchase agreements
  • Commercial lease agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Agreements of purchase/sale
  • Settlement agreements
  • Many more areas of contract disputes

Will Davidson LLP has had several major commercial contractual dispute trial victories – with one where the Town of Bracebridge and a builder were found negligent in construction and inspection. Another notable trial victory was recently conducted by our lawyers via video-conferencing software ZOOM. In this commercial contractual dispute trial, our lawyers were up against another municipality, this time the Township of Lake of Bays – where our lawyers recovered $361,875.33 for their clients (the decision is currently under appeal).

Our commercial contractual dispute team can review any of your existing contracts, advise you on any potential liabilities, help ensure that the potential liabilities do not interfere with future needs and help you negotiate contractual terms. We are also able to draft brand-new contracts from beginning to end. If your contract has been breached, contact the experienced, trial-ready team at Will Davidson for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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