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Mass Tort & Class Action Lawyers in Toronto

Very few Canadian law firms can boast of a history of success in class action and mass tort lawsuits like Will Davidson LLP. Indeed, our law firm was on the cutting edge of this form of legal action in Ontario. When the Class Proceedings Act was brought into being in the early 1990’s, one of the first major decisions involving this emerging area of law was argued by lawyers from Will Davidson LLP. In Sutherland vs. The Canadian Red Cross Society 17 O.R. (3rd) 645 (S.C.), Will Davidson LLP lawyer Peter Boeckle and his team successfully prevented the certification of a proposed class action lawsuit against the Red Cross Society by thousands of claimants purporting to have been injured by the Canadian blood services provider.

Over the following decade and a half, our lawyers have represented both plaintiffs and defendants in some of the country’s most high-profile class proceedings, including cases relating to drugs and
product liability, airplane disasters, outbreaks of infectious diseases, and environmental contamination.

For example, a former Will Davidson LLP lawyer in our Toronto office served as co-lead counsel and participated in negotiations leading to a highly-publicized class action settlement following the crash of an Air France jet at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. On the other side of the equation, our class action defence team has developed a reputation for delivering successful results for institutional clients facing class proceedings.

What is the Difference between Mass Tort Litigation and Class Action Lawsuits?

Just like class action lawsuits, mass tort litigation is the result of a harm affecting a large number of plaintiffs. However, class action lawsuits require “commonality,” meaning that plaintiffs must be injured in a similar manner.

Mass tort lawsuits are slightly different. They allow a large number of claimants to seek compensation from a common defendant, but don’t require that the claimants’ suits to proceed simultaneously. The suits may progress individually and the plaintiffs may use different lawyers who will share information and resources. The outcomes of the first several cases will often help establish guiding principles that decide those that remain.

Another difference between mass tort and class action lawsuits is the division of the award. In class action lawsuits, a single award will be negotiated and divided among all claimants. With mass tort lawsuits, compensation is awarded on the basis of each individual suit. This ensures that more seriously injured victims have access to higher levels of compensation.

Examples of Mass Tort Lawsuits

The mass tort lawyers at Will Davidson LLP have sought compensation for their clients in several mass tort lawsuits. For example, the firm represented more than 200 clients who had sustained injuries from defective pelvic mesh medical devices. Pursuing a mass tort enabled the firm to retain control over its clients’ cases, whereas a larger class action suit may have required it to hand control to another firm.

Trust the Mass Tort and Class Action Lawyers at WIll Davidson

At Will Davidson LLP, our experienced personal injury, insurance defence, and class action lawyers are committed to delivering expert representation for our clients. In our estimation, an important part of delivering high-quality legal service is to be mindful of the costs associated with complex, time-consuming proceedings. Our team carefully considers how our services impact clients’ bottom lines and what we can do to deliver exceptional representation at a reasonable cost.

If you’ve been injured by a defective product or by the negligence or error of a large entity or organization, contact Will Davidson LLP today to learn how our experienced team of class action and mass tort lawyers may be able to help. Will Davidson LLP has been representing plaintiffs and defendants in class action lawsuits since the 1990s and has decades of experience litigating all manner of personal injury and insurance defence cases. During this time, we have come to understand the unique physical, emotional, and financial strains that can be the byproduct of a drawn-out legal battle. As such, our team is proud to offer free, no-obligation consultations and work on a contingency basis for all personal injury clients. We believe that as your legal representatives it is our job to make your life easier in every way possible. Contact Will Davidson LLP today to learn how our team can help.

For more information regarding our class action and mass tort services, contact your local Will Davidson LLP office today. We can be reached by phone at 1-800-661-7606 or through the consultation form on our Contact Us page. To get a better understanding of our firm’s experience and values, feel free to follow us on social media or read our blog.

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