Small Ownership Landlords Ontario (SOLO)


The Province of Ontario has failed to protect small residential landlords and as a result they are suffering due to financial losses, and the system has failed them.

Will Davidson LLP is working with SOLO (Small Ownership Landlords Ontario) to find a solution and a remedy for the landlords.

A Notice Letter was delivered to The Province of Ontario dated May 31, 2021 outlining the issues and potential solutions together with being notice of a Class Action, in accordance with the newly enacted Crown Liability and Proceedings Act, 2019 or predecessor legislation.


Click here to view the Notice Letter dated May 31 2021.


If you are a small residential landlord and if The Government of Ontario failed to protect you from pandemic related rental losses, please contact Michael Reid at (905-337-9748) or Charlene Lewin at (905-337-7649).

Please also complete the SOLO Intake Form, found here.

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5 responses to “Small Ownership Landlords Ontario”

  1. Tony D says:

    Hello, I had a tenant that was collecting ODSP .was paying landlady faith fully , then suddenly stopped for 6 months , no assistance from her case worker , applied to LTB for eviction ,was granted ,had rental losses and apartment damages .seeking odsp rent arrears and damages

  2. S Julius says:

    My full time working tenants husband, wife (and 3 kids) stopped paying in Jan 2020; I filed L1 in Feb 2020; got Hearing date in June 2020, which got cancelled due to Pandemic lockdown; Meanwhile the tenant harassed and intimidated us as much as he could but we could not even file a complaint-there is no option- LTB takes for ever and nothing really comes out of it. Also 1 year later, tenants moved out, with notice, but withheld the key purposely for a whole month, so that I could not list or rent the property. Also he now bought a new house. Finally he left the key in the mail box and the place was damaged- it took 2 full months to find a repair person to get the jobs done and then list it for rent again. I got the next Hearing in Feb 2021-which got cancelled because at the Hearing, the member found out that the tenant and his legal counsel was not notified of the hearing by LTB?! Then finally got a Hearing on June 25th 2021. It was more than 5 hours long! The tenant lied, played all his games- husband and wife took turns bashing us. We were quiet and patient; Tenants know there is no penalty or consequence for them however badly they harass the house owner or break the RTA laws. In actual practise, the RTA laws only apply to house owners. Tenants are not held accountable in any way. Not even if they verbally or physically assault the house owner-even the police will not charge the tenant.
    After 2 full months, I still do not have an order?! The interest on the rent itself has become a month rent now. So what exactly is the purpose of LTB?
    Why I am I helplessly at the receiving end, for my tenants’ mistakes while suffering loss of rent income? I still had to cough up the mortgage and property tax through all this? At the Hearings, tenants have at most compassion and the house owners are vilified! I do not want to rent any more!

  3. Mary Gratton says:

    The government clearly does not regard small landlords or even big ones as worthy of the same rights individuals and tenants are afforded in law. The Tribunal is a joke. I have experienced issues for years before the Covid complication exacerbated the situation. This prevailing nonsense that tenants are vulnerable and landlords are greedy is not reality. Harassment claims, tenant rights and admonishments that faulted landlords failed in due diligence are often the throwback to our complaints

  4. Will Smith says:

    I agree with your thoughts about landlords losing money, but as a tenant on the other side of this i think you need to understand, some landlords are not nice.
    My Landlord after only 10 months in the rental unit decided to attempt to evict me because he wanted to move in (the fact that he was not allowed to stay in Canada for more than 6 months didn’t bother him from lying to the LTB). At the same time Covid hit, and my business was closed, my only source of income, not only that wedding were restricted and i get my income from weddings. So no income and even when open little to no income. Not fair on either me or the landlord who has many properties in mutliple contries. 2 years of Covid and final i am at a point to start paying rent again and significant amounts towards the arears, but the LTB decide to evict in 11 days and forego the mandatory negotiations. Now I have a few days before the sheriff turns up, I know if i pay the landlord he will try to evict me again (5th times a charm) and i will be in the same situation as i am now. so what do yo think i should do, pay him and be evicted or not pay him and be evicted. If he would only agree to stop the eviction attempts but he wont as prices here have doubled and he wants more. The losses he suffers from me and covid will be paid back 10 fold over the next couple of years and the next tenant will have to suffer the same as me. Like i said at the start I agree with what the government did to landlords, but not all landlords are created equal.

  5. marjorie brown says:

    Yes i am kind of in same situation tenents stopped paying rent in april stopped paying water i have a huge water bill plus rent sent in a n4 also a n11 have not heard a thing i was under a lot of stress so when the town said i was liable for the water i bill i said turn it off so now i am in big trouble we are seniors just heard my husband has pancreatic cancer also had to get doctors care i have to keep these people and we are only on fixed incomes it is so bad i donèt know what to do anymore the tenent told me to get the f off the property when i was painting

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