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Gary Will, Managing Partner is nominated for Canadian Lawyer’s Top 25 Influential Lawyers of 2021 in the Human Rights and Advocacy category. At Will Davidson, we believe that it is important to stand up for the rights of vulnerable individuals in need. Gary has fought tirelessly to stand up for the vulnerable, elderly residents of long-term care homes and their families affected by the gross negligence of the long-term care home industry. Voting is now open and will close on June 25.

His nomination is as follows:

Gary Will has been recognized as one of Canada’s premier legal experts in the practice of personal injury litigation. When the pandemic hit, Gary saw how it was disproportionately affecting vulnerable, elderly long-term care residents and used his law practice to seek justice for these individuals. Not only were these long-term care home residents more susceptible to the negative effects of covid due to their age and living arrangements, but the owners and operators of these homes were grossly negligent and did not adequately prepare their facilities for the first, second, or third wave of covid. Gary Will and his team at Will Davidson have initiated class actions against 72 long-term care and retirement homes and are part of a legal consortium involved in class actions against an additional 100 long-term care homes. Gary hopes that through the class actions, he can provide compensation and justice for the thousands of family members affected. Furthermore, he hopes that holding the long-term care owners and operators accountable through these class actions will result in behaviour modification of the large, for-profit chains of nursing homes so that in future pandemics, infections and deaths are minimized.

If you would like to support Gary in his nomination, please do so at the link below.

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