Slip and Fall Lawyers Toronto

An unexpected fall is one of the most common sources of injury in Toronto. But obtaining compensation from the responsible party should never be treated as “run of the mill”.

At Will Davidson LLP we have been handling claims involving injuries from slip and falls for over half a century.  Whether it’s a municipality who has substandard practices in cleaning the sidewalks, a crack in the floor that has created an unreasonable trip hazard, or a negligently designed stairwell, the slip and fall lawyers at Will Davidson LLP have the forensic resources and expertise to successfully pursue the negligent person or organization responsible for your injury.

In addition to our vast legal knowledge in this area of the law, Will Davidson LLP has numerous contacts in the fields of engineering, design and maintenance to bring expert technical assistance to assist in your claim.  Of course like every other claim for bodily injury that we do Will Davidson LLP brings great expertise in the area of assessing the dollar value of your claim.

For more information about your claim, please contact Paul Cahill.

Every case is to be determined on its own merits and past performance is in no way indicative of the potential resolution of any other matter.

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