My life changed in a blink of an eye, after being cut off from receiving LTD without warning I was left feeling helpless. With a family to support, bills were increasing, money going out and nothing coming in. I spoke to a third party company about my options and they suggested I contact a lawyer to help me because what happened to me was not a result of wrong doings on my part.

I decided to go with Will Davidson LLP because of the comfort level I received from the beginning. From the first call the phone mannerisms of Will Davidson LLP set them apart from the other two firms, one of which took days to return my call and when we did speak and I explained my story, I left the conversation feeling as if I was intruding on their time. Paul Cahill and his team were patient, detailed and understanding.

After explaining my story Paul provided me with several scenarios of what may happen and gave me the choice to choose the settlement I wanted him to try to achieve. There were times throughout the process where I would speak to Paul and after our conversation ended I would have additional questions from my family members for him. Paul let it be known that I could contact him for clarity at any point in the case.

Throughout the process I felt as if I was part of the Will Davidson LLP team and at the end I was very pleased with what I received. I would recommend Will Davidson LLP to anyone who is looking for a professional, organized team to fight on their behalf. Paul and his team are knowledgeable and compassionate and they exceeded my expectations.

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