I was involved in a head on car crash that changed my life. I was a dump truck driver for many years prior to the day my life changed. While on the job, I was driving down a highway in my 14 ton truck with a 24 ton load. An oncoming car lost control and crossed into my lane. Although I tried to avoid the accident there was nothing I could do and we collided head on. My dump truck ended up in a ditch and the driver of the other vehicle lost his life.

Although I was physically injured in the car accident and suffered physical pain daily, it is the continuous flashbacks, the guilt, the reliving of the experiences, the sense of horror, the nightmares, the fear, the depression and the anxiety that I have experienced since the car crash that has essentially stopped my life. Before this accident I was a highly motivated, hard working individual. After the accident I felt I was living the life of another person. I couldn’t function socially, I couldn’t handle personal relationships, I couldn’t maintain friendships. I began to live my life in isolation away from family and friends, I was not able to move on from that day. I barely made ends meet, I couldn’t sleep and I lived in a sense of hopelessness.

I eventually retained the services of Will Davidson LLP and spent the past years been guided through the legal process of attaining justice for my psychological disturbances. Mr. Gary Will took on the tedious task of dealing with insurance companies who simply did not believe the seriousness of my emotional suffering, which was supported by every doctor I was in referred to.

When you are injured and involved in the legal process, you often hear that 98% of the personal injury cases settle. Unfortunately my case was not one of them; as a result, Gary Will and his team took my case to trial. I can’t say enough about Gary and his talent in a court room and his ability to connect with other people. I had never been to court and was blown away by the knowledge and professionalism that Gary has. I left every day feeling good about my case and what the outcome would be.

In the end Gary Will achieved an award that would help me get my life back on track. Gary fought relentlessly for me. He is what you would call a true Courtroom lawyer. I would recommend anyone who has been injured to talk to the personal injury lawyers at Will Davidson LLP, they are the lawyers that understand the importance of knowledge and professionalism along with care and compassion to achieve a favourable outcome. Thank  you Gary, for helping get my life back on track. You’re not only a good lawyer, but a great person!

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