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Top Apps that Prevent Car Accidents

  • August 4, 2016

motor vehicle apps

We live in a world that seems to have an app for everything. And while an alarming rate of car crashes are attributed to distracted driving and/or cell phone use, there are many apps that can actually help keep you safe on the road. Here is a short list of apps that can help, from keeping you off your phone completely to doing all the multitasking for you, depending on your needs.

Practice makes perfect:

Knowing the rules of the road is essential to safe driving. Whether you acquired your license some time ago or just recently, traffic laws are not only plentiful but they are also subject to change. Taking some time to review road safety tips, best practices or perhaps the rules in another province or country you plan to travel to will only benefit you in the long run.

DrivingTests101 has a collection of apps based on your device and location that offer a wealth of information when it comes to driving. In fact, many teens use it to study for their driving tests, as it is the global leader in driving test prep questions and resources.

Prevent texting/use while driving:

When statistics and threats of tickets, demerit points or even grounding won’t do the trick, try incentivizing yourself and your loved ones with discounts and even spending money.

SafeDrive is an app that works by awarding the user points for driving safely. The app engages once you exceed 6 mph or 10 km/h and uses an algorithm to award you the points. Once you fall below the 6 mph or 10 km/h threshold, the point you’ve earned for that drive will appear and will be added to your existing points. The points can be used to on discounted products offered by companies in partnership with DriveSafe. You can challenge friends around the world and even wager some of your points.

If discounts and bragging rights aren’t enough, you can incentive the teenager(s) in your life by upping the ante to cold, hard cash. Milez is an app created by the same group as DriveSafe. The apps work much the same, but instead of discounts, Milez offers teens a way to earn an allowance for safe driving. Users can invite family members to sponsor their safe driving habits by agreeing to contribute a certain dollar amount of at least $0.10/mile of safe driving. Now there’s a win-win way to earn some gas money.

Interact without taking your eyes off the road:

If you are the kind of person who has no choice but to stay connected while driving, you need an app that can keep you focused on the road while still communicating via texts and emails. is an app that reads your texts and emails aloud, in real time, and responds automatically as it is Bluetooth and radio transmitter capable. There is also an option to use an auto-reply for incoming texts and emails that can inform your contacts you are driving and will respond once you’ve arrived at your destination. Simply download the app, open it, and hit “start” to begin driving safely.

Notification of accidents up ahead:

Knowing what lies ahead can be a huge help in avoiding a motor vehicle accident. Whether you need to stop suddenly due to a traffic jam/accident or you need to exercise caution while approaching a flooded or otherwise affected area, knowing what to expect can give you time to adjust and steer clear of any accident-inducing situations.

With Waze, you and other drivers in your area can share real-time traffic and road information. Get alerted before approaching police, accidents, road hazards or traffic jams.

You should also check your weather app before going anywhere. If you want to have a truly comprehensive look at what the weather will be like at your starting point, destination and everything in between, you should get The Weather Network app. This app includes hourly reports, interactive radar and satellite maps, shared photos from locals and even traffic camera updates.

Accident detection/notification:

The above apps and precautions will help you avoid accidents and get to where you’re going as safely as possible. However, if you do happen to have an accident, there are apps that can help you assess the damage, start a claim and contact first responders and/or loved ones even if you’ve been rendered nonresponsive.

SOSmart detects car accidents using the internal sensors of your Smartphone, and immediately sends an emergency notification with your location to your pre-determined emergency contacts with your location and nearby hospitals so that they can contact first responders for you. The app also has a panic button that will alert your contacts, no crash required, to your location if you find yourself in need of help in any other capacity.

Last, many car insurance companies now offer mobile app services to their customers. These apps usually include helpful instructions and templates for dealing with car accidents at the scene. They all offer, more or less, the same features; allow you to access your insurance information, upload photos to document the accident, and contact roadside assistance or one of their agents. Be sure to contact your insurance provider/their website to inquire about their mobile app.

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