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  • November 4, 2016
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Abilify, one of the world’s most commonly prescribed drugs, is issued to people suffering from certain mental disorders, including bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia, Tourette syndrome, and certain autism symptoms. According to the Wall Street Journal, approximately 1.6 million Americans were prescribed the drug in 2015.


As reported by Time Magazine, the use of Abilify has been linked to compulsive behaviour such as gambling, shopping, and sexual activity, which resulted in undue financial hardship and deleterious effects on health, mental wellbeing, and social and family relationships. Generally, when users switched their medication, the uncontrollable urges to engage in compulsive activities stopped, suggesting a close correlation between the drug and the damaging behaviours.

In particular, Abilify users with personal or family histories of obsessive-compulsive disorder, impulse-control disorder, bipolar disorder, impulsive personality, alcoholism, drug abuse, or other addictive behaviours should be closely monitored for any new or worsening uncontrollable urges or impulse-control problems. If they do suffer from compulsive behaviour, you should immediately contact a product liability lawyer to assess your potential for a claim.

Abilify is not the only drug linked to compulsive gambling: drugs used to treat Parkinson’s disease, such as Mirapex, have also been linked to compulsive behaviour and uncontrollable urges. Mirapex effects the D3 receptor, a dopamine receptor in the brain that controls emotions and gives people a sense of pleasure. Researchers believe Abilify affects the D3 receptor in a similar manner, thus contributing to compulsive behaviours.

Instances of harmful compulsive urges linked to Abilify are relatively rare. According to the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System database and an examination of medical literature throughout the 13 years since the approval of Abilify in November 2002, there have been 184 identified cases in which impulse-control issues have derived from the use of aripiprazole, Abilify’s active ingredient. However, this database only includes reports submitted to the FDA, meaning unreported cases may exist. And, while occurrences of these harmful side-effects are uncommon, they can inflict significant harm in patients.

Will Davidson LLP is currently representing clients who have been prescribed Abilify to treat mental disorders and, as a result, are endangering themselves and others by taking the drug. A Will Davidson product liability lawyer would be happy to speak to you about your claim.

In Europe and other jurisdictions, Abilify labeling has warned patients and physicians about the associated risk of compulsive behaviour since 2012. In Canada and the United States, however, manufacturers avoided warning users about Abilify’s risks until federal agencies demanded more accurate labeling.

In April 2015, the FDA issued a letter condemning Abilify for issuing promotional material that was “false or misleading because it makes misleading claims and presentations about the drugs.” Later that year, Health Canada stepped in to demand more accurate labeling.

Inconsistent labeling standards and restricted access to information about the drug has had a direct impact on Abilify’s prominence and popularity in different regions; while Abilify remains North America’s most prescribed drug, it is just the seventh most prescribed drug in Europe, where labeling standards are more stringent and more information is available.

In the United States, numerous Abilify users have contact a product liability lawyer and have launched personal injury lawsuits against the drug’s manufacturers and marketers, who plaintiffs claim failed to warn them about its known risks. Plaintiffs are seeking compensation for neuropsychotic, mental, physical, and economic damages, in addition to punitive damages against the manufacturers. There are grounds for pursuing similar claims in Canada.

If you or a loved one has taken Abilify and has experienced compulsive behaviour, you deserve compensation. Please contact at our office to discuss your situation.


1. What is the first step?

Contact our office at (416) 360-1194 to discuss your claim and schedule a free consultation. Your consultation can be held at one of our offices or over the phone, whichever is more convenient for you.

2. How much will it cost me?

Fees will be charged on a contingency basis – there is no charge until you receive compensation. The fee is normally a percentage of your final settlement.
The fee arrangement is set early on in the process and does not change, no matter how many calls and meetings take place.

3. Is this a class action suit?

No, this is not a class action. This claim would be classified as a mass tort.

Mass tort litigation, like class actions, is a useful means of proceeding when there are a number of plaintiffs with similar claims arising from injuries caused by defective products. However, unlike a class action, mass tort litigation does not require that each plaintiff fit into a single common class. Furthermore, with the mass tort approach, cases may proceed individually rather than all together. The results of the first few trials will often establish a framework for settlements in the remaining cases.

4. Why should I choose a Will Davidson LLP product liability lawyer?

Will Davidson LLP has over 90 years of experience pursuing civil litigation claims and has demonstrated a solid track record of success.  A Will Davidson LLP product liability lawyer will help lift the burden off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on your recovery and getting you the compensation you deserve.

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