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What Are the Advantages of Choosing Mediation Services Over Going to Trial?

  • June 19, 2014
  • by admin
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In cases of conflict resolution, mediation services are nearly always a better option than litigation or arbitration. There are many advantages to choosing mediation services over a trial, but the following are some of the most significant.


Mediation services are relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to the high costs of a trial. There are several reasons for this:

  • Mediators typically charge by the hour and can often resolve a case within a day, versus a lengthy trial
  • The shorter time period also means less time away from your business
  • Preparation for mediation far less complex than preparation for arbitration and litigation
  • As mediation services are not held in court, there are no court filing fees nor other related expenses

Fast Process

There are mediators ready to resolve your case as soon as you are ready. With no need to be placed on a waiting list before you can receive a hearing in court, you can schedule the mediation at a time and place that best suits both parties.


As most disputes arise due to poor communication or lack thereof, mediation services are the perfect chance for both parties to be heard and understood. Unlike a trial, there is no limit as to what issues you may raise, and you will be a full participant, expressing your own opinions and concerns rather than speaking through a lawyer.

Innovative Solutions

With mediation services, the parties are able to create a solution on which they both agree to instead of having a judge imposing a decision. There are no complex procedural or evidentiary rules that you must follow, and, if other items of dispute arise after the settlement, you may schedule a new mediation without affecting the settled items..


Mediation services are private processes and not subject to public knowledge and media attention.

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