As of May 9th, Camilla Care Community in Mississauga, Ontario, has reported 50 deaths as a result of COVID-19, and 62 remaining active cases. Will Davidson LLP is currently investigating COVID-19-related negligence at this facility.

On April 13, after two weeks of consistent and dramatic infection spread – internal provincial government data obtained by the Toronto Star showed a 20 per cent average daily increase in deaths in Ontario – the federal Minister of Seniors said, “we didn’t have a playbook” for how to counter the contagion’s lethal rampage through long-term care homes. A month later, nursing homes continue to battle rising cases.

Will Davidson LLP is investigating those long-term care facilities that have been brought to our attention. We acknowledge that there are many facilities in Ontario that maintain exemplary health and hygiene practices and have performed admirably in preventing or limiting the spread of COVID-19. We at Will Davidson LLP salute these dedicated individuals and companies who are working so hard to keep these vulnerable residents safe and healthy in these difficult times. We encourage staff members from these facilities to contact us to advise on the effective practices put in place.

We have also received information that numerous facilities, including Lundy Manor and Orchard Villa in addition to Camilla Care, have failed to effectively protect their residents, which has resulted in tragedy for countless families.

If you have information about this matter or are a current resident or a family member of a resident at Camilla Care Community, contact the team at Will Davidson LLP for an initial free consultation. We can be reached at 905-337-9748 or 905-815-5802.

Our team is dedicated to getting the answers you deserve during this difficult time.

Will Davidson LLP has been representing clients across Ontario for over 90 years. During this time we continue to offer complementary consultations to assist new and existing clients.

Image credit: Camilla Care Community

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