Will Davidson LLP Adapting to Current Times with New Video-Conferencing Software

With the COVID-19 pandemic, meeting face to face with people has never been more difficult. The Government of Canada has shut down all non-essential businesses and has been strongly encouraging individuals to self-isolate. This is all being done to reduce all physical contact with one another, in an attempt to help reduce the spread of the virus.

We have always prided ourselves on the technology and techniques we employ to evolve and stay relevant in the digital age. As we continue to monitor the situation daily and move forward with current (and new) files, we are pleased to announce that we have partnered with video-conferencing software: Zoom. By partnering with Zoom, this empowers us with the ability to stay connected with the people we need to be, wherever we may be.

Zoom is considered to be the leader in video communications, as it is engineered and optimized in a way to work reliably. Zoom operates on a modern, reliable cloud platform – ensuring that no data gets lost. We have the ability to conduct massive video conferences so that all voices are heard during virtual meetings. Zoom is available on both personal computers and mobile devices, allowing us to stay connected to our clients.

This is just another asset added to our arsenal of tools to combat the COVID-19 virus – one that we will continue to use after this pandemic is behind us.

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