Will Davidson LLP- Halloween Safety Tips

We are one day away from the most frightful day of the year. That’s right Halloween is upon us and as your children get ready to head outdoors in their scariest or sweetest costumes to trick or treat, Will Davidson LLP wants you to remember these important tips.


Drivers we encourage you to beware of children running around and not paying attention as they go from house to house. Drivers should reduce speeds in neighbourhoods to at least 10 Km/h and if possible avoid taking short cuts through residential neighbourhoods. Remember to use your signals when turning and do not pass stopped vehicles that may be dropping off or picking up children.


If possible ensure your children are wearing bright costumes or reflective tape on costumes so they are easily spotted. If your child is wearing a mask ensure their vision is not obstructed. Alternatively face paint instead of a mask will ensure your children can see clearly.

Children wearing long capes or loose costumes, beware of lit candles on door steps. If possible wear flame-resistant costumes or add reflective tape to the bag they will use to carry their treats.

Trick or Treating

When out trick or treating ensure your minor children are accompanied by a parent or a responsible adult. Remind all kids to wait and look both ways before crossing the street. Plan your route before taking off and carry a flash light or glow stick for unlit areas.

Always walk on the side walk; however, if there are no sidewalks walk facing traffic and listen carefully for oncoming traffic. Always wait at the end of the road and look both ways before crossing the street.

If invited politely refuse entering a stranger’s house. Encourage your children to wait until they are home to eat their treats so they can be examined to ensure treats were not tampered with.

For those who will be at home giving out treats, turn on your outdoor lights and remember to replace any burnt-out bulbs. If you have anything on your front yard or porches, please remove so a child or adult does not trip. If your driveway has wet leaves remove before trick or treaters arrive. Instead of candles use battery operated candles in your pumpkins.

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