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Will Davidson’s Winter Driving Safety Tips

  • April 10, 2014
  • by admin
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snowy roadDuring the winter season, one of the best driving tips is not to drive outside at all in poor weather conditions. If you can avoid it, this is often your best option but since most people have to go to work and attend to their day to day activities it may not be possible to avoid driving during hazardous weather conditions. We have come up with some driving tips that are aimed to keep drivers safe this winter season and avoid potential motor vehicle accidents:

Winter Driving Tips

  • Ensure you are not driving while tired. Many accidents are caused by a decreased attention span while driving
  • Check your tires frequently to ensure that they have the required tire pressure
  • Always have a spare tire in your trunk
  • Carry jumper cables in your car in case your battery dies
  • Ensure you have enough gas to get to where you are going
  • Do not use cruise control when you are driving on a slippery surface
  • Do not warm up your car in the garage or any enclosed area
  • Always have a blanket and emergency supplies in the car in case of a break down
  • Ensure you have a fully charged phone battery in case of a break down

Tips for Driving through Snow or Ice

  • When you accelerate and decelerate, make sure to do it slowly. Pressing down on the gas slowly can help avoid skids.
  • Make sure you know your brakes. Try threshold breaking because it is the best way to brake during the snow. Have your heel on the floor and use the ball of your feet to press on the brake. Apply stable pressure on the pedal.
  • If you can avoid it, try not to stop completely. If you halt to a complete stop, it takes more effort to get your vehicle moving again.
  • If you experience any hills, do not power up. Since the roads are already full of snow, it will only keep your vehicle’s tires in a spinning motion.
  • If you need glasses for driving, make sure to have them with you especially if the roads are covered with snow. You have to see everything surrounding you clearly to avoid accidents.

Driving in winter weather can be a challenging task. Take your time, and don’t rush to get to where you are going. Always drive carefully in bad weather conditions and be aware of all other drivers around you.

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